Pucker Butt Bikini

Pucker Butt Bikini

Pucker butt bikinis…you’ve seen them on TV, you’ve seen them on dancers and models, but why can’t it be found? Well it can now at TeenyB.com. It is the newest and hottest trend that not many know about but those who do, are taking full advantage! Why is this new style of bikini sweeping the nation? It gives you the perfect shape to your backside. Creating curves that you never knew were there or accentuating what you already have. It’s a got-to-have in the fashion industry. Runway models sport them in the high fashion world. Everyday beach go’ers strut their stuff the same way they do on the runway… with confidence. You’ll have confidence in knowing you have on the conversation piece of the summer. Watch as heads turn and jaws drop. These pucker butts also known as scrunch butt bikinis are low waisted allowing for an even sexier look, no extra fabric here. Say goodbye to wedgies and sagging. Feel free to walk without the oh-so-annoying tugging and pulling at your backside to make sure everything is in the right place. Play volleyball, go surfing, jet skiing and know that this is one bikini worth wearing that is maintenance free. Finally you can enjoy the beach, the summer and your bikini with no worries in mind…ahh.

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Pucker Bikini Style

Pucker Bikini’s give the appearance of a nice round butt.

Pucker Bikni Craze

pucker bikini babe picturePucker Bikini’s are also known as Scrunchie butt bikini’s. Pucker Bikini’s are the latest bikini craze! You will see women wearing Pucker Bikini’s at the beach, pool, and other summer fun spots.

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Pucker Butt Bikini Frenzy

Pucker Butt BikiniWith it being summer time, the latest Bikini craze is the Pucker Butt Bikini. The Pucker Butt Bikini allows women with flat butts to look like like they have nice round full figured behinds!

Pucker Butt Bikini’s are named from their obvious pucker detailing in the back and scrunchie like appearance. Pucker Butt Bikini’s are also known as Scrunchie Butt Bikini’s and Pucker Back Bikini’s!

Sexy models are even starting to wear pucker butt bikinis at bikini contests! Not only do pucker butt bikini’s look great but they are comfortable to wear as well.