Sexy Pucker Butt Bikinis

If you're not already familiar with the design concept, you might be wondering to yourself, "What is a pucker butt bikini?" Well, it's only the best thing to hit the bikini-world since, well, bikinis became a thing. No, really!

This enticing design comes in a variety of cuts and colors that all have one thing in common - a puckered stitch running down the center of the backside. This one simple stitch takes an ordinarily plain piece of fabric that lays flat across your butt and makes it extraordinary by allowing the fabric to hug the contour of your cheeks. Exciting, right?

Not only will your tush look fantastic in a pucker butt bikini, but the style is also way more comfortable. You know how sometimes you have to tug on your bikini bottom to keep it in place? Well, a pucker butt bikini bottom is designed in a way that means you won't have to do that anymore.

When you hop out of the pool, or stroll out of the ocean, no longer will you have to worry about that dreaded sag created by loose fabric in the back. A puckered bikini bottom becomes like a second skin; it stays right where it's supposed to stay. That's incredible news for those of us who love to get active on the beach, too. Now you can play to your heart's content without giving a single thought to what your bikini bottom is doing in the back.

One of the most beautiful things about this puckered design concept is that it can be adapted to nearly any bikini bottom style. So whether you are a fan of a full coverage look, you prefer a sexy Brazilian style, or you're a thong-lover at heart, you can equally enjoy all the perks of a pucker butt bikini - not the least of which is all the admiring looks from your fellow beach-goers!

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